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    Microblading California - Questions in Mind

    Microblading is the latest semi permanent brow make up technique which uses insertion of colored pigment under the upper skin layers to provide your eyebrows a fuller, thicker and better arched look.PBT America, is one the most established names in the field of microblading and eyelash extensions in San Diego, California. We not only provide microblading training and conduct events spoken by reknowned doctors and beauty professionals but also hold an online store providing all kinds of semi permanent and permanent make up supplies and products. Lets look into a few general questions that come up in every mind that thinks of Microblading

    How long will it last - Depending upon skin type and what was the type of your earlier or natural brows, this may last for an year or two.

    How much does it cost - that really depends upon where are you going to get it done, the professionalism and perfection and the extent of work involved. Please contact the store for more details.

    Is the procedure painful - Its not painful but you can feel discomfort. The are around is usually numbed before begining the job.

    Whats the after care like - You need to avoid sweat and any water around and on the brows for at least the first 10 days after you get your brows microbladed so that the ink sets in. In case after this too washing or otherwise causes any flakes, DO NOT pick or rub it, let it settle or fall off naturally.

    How long does the process take - It usually has 2 sessions with a gap of 3 months and each session lasts for 1.5 - 2 hours.

    When would I need to get a re touching - This is completely a personal preference and as per the need, you might want to go get touched up somewhere between six months to 2 years.

    Read our microblading pre care tips and post care tips for more information.

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