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    Sagging Skin Myths - Skin Tightening Las Vegas

                                                                    Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Santa Barbara

                             " Invest in your skin, it's going to represent you for a long time. "

    Sagging of skin comes naturally and can be due to different factors, undoubtedly age being the most important one. We cannot fight age but it isn't necessary to look your age or especially over age. Health and beauty professionals at Las Vegas's renown training institute and center for plasma pen skin tightening clarify myths on sagging of skin.

    Collagen and Elastin are the hallmarks of a beautiful skin, the saviors from wrinkles and loosening. Unfortunately, there are conditions that cause these proteins to break down and show up wrinkles.

    1.  Aging causes sagging   TRUE.
    First, foremost and natural is Aging. As we age, the connective tissue supporting our bones, organs weakens and so does the thee surrounding skin and distribution of fat. We tend to lose more of important proteins and body's capacity and capability to create its own and scoop out the best from the food also weakens. As a result we see wrinkles and fine lines.

    2.  Exposure to Sunlight provides vitamin D and causes no harm to skin  - FALSE.
    Yes, it is important to let your skin eat some early morning rays for the much needed vitamin D but regular exposure to sunlight and during peak hours does great harm to the skin over time. It makes your skin look dull and aged before time and also increases the risk of skin cancer.

    3. You'll look aged after pregnancy - FALSE.
    It's not the beauty o bearing a child that causes skin sagging. The extra skin definitely will loosen after delivery but wrong or no after care is the main culprit here. Lack of exercise and care taking or losing weight too quickly will show such effects.

    4. Sleeping on your tummy will cause sagging skin - FALSE.
    This would not cause loose skin but if you a diehard tummy sleeper then you might see some sleep wrinkles on particular parts of your face which gets tugged between your facial weight and the pillow.

    5. Running causes sagging skin due to gravity - FALSE.
    Running increases your blood circulation, makes you feel happy and relaxed. It does no harm to your skin at all.

    6. Weight loss causes sagging skin - TRUE.
    If you had been obese and lose great weight, the absence of once present fatty layers makes the skin layers to loosen.

    7. Facial exercises help to tighten facial skin - TRUE.
    Carefully chosen and practiced exercises take care of your skin pretty well.

    8 . Home remedies will keep  your skin tight - TRUE TO SOME EXTENT.
    Natural products at home definitely will help in your skin care regime but factors stated above cannot be done away with such home treatments.

    9. There are procedures that help in skin tightening - TRUE.
    Professionally done procedures like fibroblast skin tightening done by the most advanced Plasma Pen at San Diego's Professional Beauty Training of America Institute serving many areas like Orange County, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Florida etc. definitely helps you take much better care of your skin and look younger, healthier and more confident in your skin.

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