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    Eyelash Extension Facts - Florida Training

                                                       Eyelash Extension Training Florida

     Eyelash extensions done up to perfection by experts at Florida's Eyelash Extension Studio and  
    training Institute, PBT America,
    to suit your face and features is for sure a nice way to  
    shorten your daily makeup routine and make you look all time ready. This is a cosmetic  
    procedure that needs precision and maintenance too.

    Eyelash extensions are like pretty false lashes but without any daily hassles of applying and  

    These look so good in themselves that you can cut down few of your makeup products. Even if  
    you don't want to, Eyelash extension experts at our San Diego studio suggest you to keep away  
    from mascaras, pencil eyeliners and oil based cleaners.

    You should never overload your lashes. We help you choose the just right lashes for your lids  
    to make them near to natural beautiful and easy to carry.

    These are attached very precisely on  top of y our natural lashes and since natural lashes  
    grow and shed with time, touch ups are needed. These usually last from 6-8 weeks with proper  

    Depending upon your personal preference you can choose the lash material from silk, mink or  
    synthetic mink.

    You need to be very careful while choosing a studio for this job as wrongly fixed lashes can  
    cause issues later on. This is not a DIY procedure.

    Be careful not to rub your lashes or you'll pull them out accidentally.

    Maintaining their hygiene n cleanliness is very important to avoid infections of conjunctiva  
    and cornea. You can use a mild baby soap for this.

    Despite all do's and don'ts stated above, eyelash extension from a reputable place like PBT  
    America, San Diego, CA, will give you the most desired dove eyes for sure!
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