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    Microblading Maintenance Tips At California

                                                                                                                                                  Microblading maintenance tips at California Salon

    Microblading trained professionals at Las Vegas's known salon and training academy, PBT America, lay great emphasis on maintaining the beauty procedures you made such an effort for. Microblading, eyelash extensions or any beauty procedure is not permanent, they last longer and better if maintained properly. We have already spoken of pre care tips and microblading post  care tips, here's a few additional tips, we'd like you to keep in mind.

    Microblading touch up, as recommended by most technicians at San Diego, involve adding pigment to the outline of the already existing brows . Just like body tattoos, microblading is almost permanent but it does fade away with time, but they can be made to last longer and better.

    Make sure you apply sunscreen regularly to slow down the fading process. Oily skin fades the color faster than dry skin and so does young skin due to active cell replacement, tend to fade color faster than mature skin. You might need a touch up by the end of the first year and after the second year you might need to go for the procedure again.

    How often would I need a microblading touch up? That depends on your age, skin type and lifestyle. As spoken of the skin types above, some might feel the shape still persists and they just need a color touch up but if you skin the color boosting altogether, the shape and color both will fade away sooner.

    Its very important that you choose your professional very wisely. One who has complete knowledge and precision in tool handling and who can be accessible for a number of years for your touch ups.

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